vGoal is an application for employees’ integration and to encourage the use of SharePoint within the company. It is the complete betting (for fun) solution for your SharePoint users. As a WebPart – it’s easily installed, provides a simple and visually pleasing way to track your bets, place them, compare your points to the rest of the company and track your progress against the others.

Below you can see the screenshot from vGoal application. All the teams and groups are already implemented. Build-in algorithm will move winners of the groups to all levels of the finals.



SharePoint users can bet on the football game results during all the stages of competition – the actual results have to be placed by an app administrator (no internet connection is necessary, our solution works on-premise!) and vGOAL will recalculate the scores afterwards. It is up to the administrator to set up how many points should be given for a correct match winner prediction, the correct goal trend and the precise match result.

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