More cost-effective Development through Nearshoring

Are you ready to kick-off your next software development project and as usual the budget is tight and you are already reaching the boundaries of your developers capacities? Then nearshoring might be the right solution for you to go easy on budget and capacities.

Ad hoc Expansion of Developer Capacities

Maybe you only need developers at short notice or for a limited time to level out capacity peaks? If a given task within the overall context can be developed separately, then nearshore development might be the right choice. We can discuss with you on site or on the phone if this would be a solution for your particular case.

Methodological Competence/Standardized Proceeding

VIALUTIONS uses agile software development methods. Thereby we have committed ourselves to minimize the bureaucratic efforts and to integrate the client into the development process by which transparency and quick feedback is achieved. In particular, VIALUTIONS uses Scrum. The product owner can either be provided by VIALUTIONS, or the client himself can take over this role (this is the preferred model). Our experience confirms good results with ​two week sprints.

What we offer:

  • Experts in Microsoft technologies
  • Technologies
  • Deployment on different application servers
  • Database design and development
  • Frameworks

Our offer clearly focuses on the world surrounding Microsoft technologies. This ensures that you will deal with absolute experts and guarantees a quick understanding of your particular problem. Thereby your requirements, requests and concepts are for us at the center of attention. We will provide an English-speaking project manager on site for your project who will manage the entire team, including our colleagues in Poland.

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