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vClock allows you to display up to 5 clocks from different places or with different timezones around the world.

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Complete betting solution for SharePoint. vGOAL is a WebPart – easily installed, provides an easy and visually pleasing way to track your bets, place them, compare your points to the rest of the company and track your progress against the others.

SharePoint users can bet on the game results during group matches as well as the second round – the actual results have to be placed by an administrator (no internet connection is necessary, our solution works on-premise!) and vGOAL will recalculate the scores afterwards. It is up to the administrator to set up how many points should be given for a correct match winner prediction, the correct goal trend and the precise match result.
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In SharePoint the information within one page is divided into multiple separate webparts, which prevents it from incorporating a clear navigational structure. With vTab, information is collected inside a single page – with just a few mouse clicks, multiple pages can be merged inside the tab container, no matter what their type is. You can easily group the content into a page with tab-based navigation – completely on your own. Thanks to vTab, your SharePoint pages will gain an overview and you will get rid of the need to be redirected to any other pages.

vTab’s look & feel can be adjusted via a CSS file – or we can provide a customized desing according to your needs and company design guidelines.

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vFilter webpart can be connected to any list or document library and provides simple-to-use search and filtering capabilities.

SharePoint lists provide very limited filtering and grouping possibilities out of the box, and no searching capabilities at all. vFilter closes this gap and extends it by providing free-text searching functionality. With vFilter you are able to set custom grouping on your lists and filter all data as you like – completely on your own.

Place vFilter on top of your library or list webpart and select the properties you want to filter by. You can choose any of the columns you have in the list, even the hidden ones.

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vWeather is a simple and easy to use weather forecast tool for SharePoint, featuring a clean and modern looking design.

We offer vWeather webpart completely free of charge. Since the solution is sandboxed, the installation process is very safe and simple. With only a few mouseclicks you will be able to check the weather in any place you want and see the forecast for the next day. You can place vWeather on your page of choice and set it up how you like it, effectively placing a real time weather information and forecast WebPart inside your SharePoint environment.

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